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QC India Group was incorporated in 2005, is one of the leading Education Consultancy in the field of Nursing Admission Services, Medical Education Services and one of the leading Career Builders in India. QC INDIA GROUP was earlier known as Credo India Nursing Solution (Credo INS). We are Pioneer in providing Domestic Nursing schools and colleges solutions in well organized & professional manner using most efficient & effective methodologies.

MSc Nursing -  Master's in Science nursing two years (MSc Nursing). MSc Nursing Mainly has five specialty branches such as Medical Surgical Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Child Health Nursing, OBG Nursing (Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing). Candidates, who are interested in MSc Nursing course, should minimum education requirements shall be the passing of B.Sc. Nursing / B.Sc. Hons. Nursing / Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing with minimum of 55% aggregate marks and at least one year of work experience after Basic B.Sc. Nursing.

QC India, we provide information about Indian nursing Council (INC) and state nursing council approved schools and colleges . We also help candidate obtain admission for all MSc specialty branches and courses in INC approved schools and colleges across India 

Medical Surgical Nursing MSc Nursing Specialty branch Medical surgical nursing is considered as a very noble profession. The specialty of this profession is that the nurse can get into the center of action and shoulder the major responsibility of curing the patient. Medical Surgical nurses cater to patients who are elderly or are suffering from critical ailment. Medical surgical nurse have to be well acquainted with vast knowledge in this field in order to handle critical cases and render mental support to the elderly patients. Those who choose to follow this profession, require more training, whether in school or on the job site. Post operation, a patient remains physically weak and takes time to recover. Hence, they need extra care and proper vigilance. Medical surgical nursing is all about taking care of these patients and providing them the support to revive Medical surgical nurse has to diagnose and assess the critical condition of the patient. The Medical surgical nurse has responsibility of medicating the patient and keeping everything documented. The engages in extensive researches and educates herself to learn more about the ailments as well as their treatments. She should work as a team with the doctors and physicians, technicians, pharmacists, therapist and social workers

Community Health Nursing
M. Sc Nursing Specialty branch Community Health Nursing course is designed to prepare Specialist Community Public Health Nurses to work in complex and varied settings and have the knowledge, interpersonal skills and managerial capabilities to allow them to practice effectively in today’s health service. Community Health Nursing aim to reduce health inequalities by working with individuals, families and communities, promoting health and preventing ill health. The emphasis is on partnership working that cuts across disciplinary, professional and organizational boundaries.

Psychiatric Nursing M. Sc Nursing Specialty branch Psychiatric/Mental health nursing, a specialist field within the health care professions, is an interpersonal caring process which acknowledges the uniqueness of each person. M. Sc psychiatric nurse is concerned with the promotion of mental health, the prevention of mental illness and the provision of care to those with mental health problems.

Child Health Nursing M. Sc Nursing Specialty branch Child Health Nursing program is developed for midwives, nurses and other health care practitioners with an interest in maternal and child health. Students will be encouraged to use their practice expertise to enhance skills in clinical judgment and decision-making in contemporary practice, dealing with prospective trends in practice and new client groups with specific needs from a national and international perspective. Child Health Nursing allows students to reflect on their practice and identify the strategies required to provide women and children with care of the highest quality.

OBG Nursing MSc Nursing Specialty branch OBG Nursing (Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing)Course is designed to assist the student in developing expertise and in depth understanding in the field of Obstetric and gynecological Nursing .It will help the student to develop advanced nursing skills for nursing interventions in various obstetrical and gynecological conditions. It will further enable the students to function as midwifery nurse practitioner/ specialist, educator, manager and researcher in the field of obstetric and gynecological nursing.

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